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Parking Information

2023-24 Second Semester Parking Permit Information

2nd Semester Parking Permit 2023-24 Information

ONLINE Parking Permit Application Registration

Who: Seniors & Juniors

Please note: Sophomores are not included in this application process. Sophomores would only be eligible if permits are available after the Seniors & Junior application process is completed. This would be a completely separate application process in the 2nd week of the semester for Sophomores.

When: 7:00 am through 8:00 am

How: Access link from home computers, mobile devices


Students must be signed into their isd12 Google account to access the application.

What information you will need:

·         Student Name, grade and e-mail address

·         Vehicle Make, Model, Color, license plate number for all vehicles

·         Student transportation needs (i.e.: 916/OEC program, work experience, open enrollment, mentoring, peer leader, activities/athletics, carpooling etc.)

·         Carpooling student names, email address, and vehicle information

·         Student activities information

·         Applications will be time stamped when entered

Special Notes: Parking Permit Application Criteria

·         125 to Seniors with carpools

·         Open Enrollee's, OEC, Part-Time PSEO, Work Experience Program, etc. (any educational service that is done for credit, but the school district does not provide transportation).

·         Seniors that are Carpooling *AND in Activities

·         Juniors that are Carpooling * AND in Activities

·         Seniors that are in Activities

·         Juniors that are in Activities

·         Seniors that are Carpooling*

·         Juniors that are Carpooling*

·         Seniors that ride alone

·         Juniors that ride alone

Due to the limited parking spaces available, student and families should not expect a permit, even if they had one for a prior semester. This criteria system will best serve the most students possible.

* Because of limited availability, 9th and 10th grade students are not factored in as part of carpools.

Cost of parking permits per semester:

***NEW IN THE 23-24 SCHOOL YEAR*** – Centennial High School student parking permits will cost the same for all student parking lots. The price will be $225.00 per semester.

Students will be issued a physical parking tag and they must have it displayed in their vehicle when parking on campus. Student parking lots will cost the same amount and all spaces in the 3 student parking lots will all be available to student permit holders on a first come, first pick each day. There will be NO differentiation on the student parking lots as far as where students can park with their 2nd semester permit.

The lots formerly known as the Front, Stadium, and Back Lots will be open for whomever parks in the lot depending on the time the student arrives at school.

Please note that the Union Lot will no longer be a student lot. A map of the 3 student parking lots will be included at the end of this notice.     

*** Students must have all fees and fines paid before they will be allowed to pay for and pick up their parking permits.

Students that are eligible to receive a permit will be notified by email AND a list will be posted in the East Office.

Students can pay for their parking permits beginning January 16th online through the Infinite Campus Portal under fees. After paying for the parking permit the actual parking permit tag can be picked up in the east office during regular office hours, Monday-Friday from 7am-3pm.

Students need to pay for and pick up their permits by the end of the first day of 2nd semester, Tuesday January 23rd or they may forfeit the permit.

Families should pay for their parking permits online through the Parent/Student Portal in Infinite Campus. If an accommodation is needed for a family to pay by check, please be aware that if the check bounces the permit will be revoked until proper payment is made.

After the Junior and Senior parking applications process has been completed, if any 2nd semester permits are still available, an application process for Sophomore will be made available. This is NOT a guarantee, and 10 grade families should NOT expect to be able to purchase parking permits.

This will be a separate application process and 10th grade families will be notified if this opportunity is available during the 2nd week of 2nd semester.

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