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Centennial Students are Character Strong!

 Centennial Elementary launched Character Strong programming with a "Kindness Kick Off" which involved many activities. Students engaged in many activities including a kindness book reading, fun games where they developed relationships and expressed acts of kindness, direct instruction on being kind, and a school assembly celebrating students’ acts of kindness. Character Strong programming can be found throughout Centennial Schools, Pre-K through grade 12.

Character traits:
● Be Kind: Social skills like listening, friendship, solving conflicts, and leadership. ○ These skills are taught alongside Empathy, Respect, & Cooperation
● Be Strong: Skills that help students focus, stay organized, and set goals. ○ These skills are taught alongside Responsibility, Courage, & Perseverance 

● Be Well: Skills that help students handle their emotions and deal with stress. ○ These skills are taught alongside Gratitude, Honesty, & Creativity 

Our goals are to build students’ social and emotional competence, to help them develop strong character traits, and to cultivate strong educator-to-student and student-to-student relationships. We already feel the love and kind actions exuding throughout our spaces at Centennial Elementary School! 

More information on the program can be found on the Character Strong website.