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Our Softball Culture - "This will be a program that's a FAMILY. One that will focus on the T.E.A.M. success rather than just our own individual. We will be ONE! We will work hard each and every day to be our best and to become a reliable teammate for our softball sisters on and off the field.

  • We have 4 levels of play - 9th grade, B-squad, JV, V
  • We typically have cuts in our program.
  • Players are students before softball players, so we hold a high standard on academics. Softball is an addition to the CHS education day. My goal is to support each player's success in the classroom so I do grade checks and will talk with teachers if needed. I will also communicate with parents if academics are falling. I require all players to hold at least a  D in each class., If not, that player will be held out of practices and games. They will be given a plan to help bring their grades up. If at any time a player falls below a C average we will hold them out of games until it's brought up. Again, we will communicate with teachers to come up with a plan for each player. Parents will also be made aware of the plan as well.
  • Lettering - 
    1. The Varsity Student-Athlete must have attended practices, meetings, and team events as designated by the coaching staff during the season.
    2. The Varsity Student-Athlete must meet all requirements for eligibility in terms of enrollment and academic standing.
    3. The Varsity Student-Athlete must abide by all team, school, and MSHSL regulations and policies.
    4. The Varsity Student-Athlete must have practiced with and played games with the varsity team.
    5. Lettering decisions are ultimately up to the coaching staff's discretion.

2023-2024 Softball Captains


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